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Historic Milestones



l  One of the first managers to issue Japan-China cross-border ETF, partnered with Nomura AM.



l  Among the first managers to launch the target date pension fund in China to provide investors with one-stop pension investment solutions.


l  Signed strategic partnership with Fidelity in retirement products.



l  The first full-service asset manager to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Investment(PRI) in China.   


l  One of the first managers to win the Basic Pension Insurance asset manager qualification.


l  Launched the first MSCI China A ETF and its Feeder Fund in Mainland China.


l  China 50 ETF Options started trading, which was a milestone of China's ETF innovation. China 50 ETF Feeder Fund was launched.


l  ChinaAMC was among the first private fund outsourcing service providers which completed the registrations with Asset Management Association of China, and became the first in the industry to provide fund outsourcing service to a SWF in Asia.


l  ChinaAMC Return Fund, approved by Securities and Futures Commission, became one of the first four funds under Hong Kong-Mainland Mutual Recognition of Funds.



l  Launched SH-HK Stock Connect Hang Seng Index ETF and its Feeder Fund.


l  Launched Market Vectors ChinaAMC SME-ChiNext ETF and China Bond ETF in NYSE.


l  Partnered with Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and NetEase internet companies for e-commerce cooperation.


l  ChinaAMC was designated as investment manager for China A-share Investment by a monetary authority in Asia.  



l  Developed ChinaAMC's own fund investment apps, ChinaAMC Fund Manager and Huo Qi Tong on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.


l  Cooperated with Baidu, WeChat, MicroBlog, and Yixin to supply quality and timely services for clients.


l  Launched the first sector ETF series.


l  ChinaAMC was designated as investment manager for China A-share Investment by a foreign SWF.  



l  Launched the first RQFII A-share ETF: CSI 300 Index ETF.


l  Launched the first cross-border ETF in Mainland China: Hang Seng Index ETF.


l  Established a new subsidiary: China Capital Management Co.Ltd.


l  Acquired discretionary mandates from two foreign SWFs, a central bank, and a government pension fund.  



l  ChinaAMC became one of the first investment managers of RQFII funds.



l  Published the book The Rational Investor: A Guide to China Fund.



l  Established Huaxiaren Charitable Foundation.  



l  Established its Hong Kong subsidiary.



l  Launched one of China's first QDII funds.



l  Launched the first small-cap ETF in China:ChinaAMC SME ETF.


l  Converted Xing Ye Fund, the first closed-end fund going mature, into open-end fund, which was a milestone innovation in China.  



l  ChinaAMC was designated by EMEAP as the sole manager for ABF China Bond Index Fund.


l  ChinaAMC was among the first fund management companies to be licensed to manage the Corporate Annuities.



l  Launched Mainland China’s first ETF: China 50 ETF.



l  ChinaAMC was among the first fixed income managers for Social Security Fund.




l  ChinaAMC was among the first 6 qualified fund management companies to manage the National Social Security Fund.


l  Launched China’s first pure bond fund.



l  ChinaAMC was the first and only fund management company approved by the National Council for Social Security Fund to manage its funds in a pilot program.



l  Launched one of China’s first enhanced index funds.



l  ChinaAMC was established as one of the first three fund management companies in China.